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Different schools have different lunch preferences! Begining this school year, based on student feedback, EVERY SCHOOLS MENU WILL REFLECT THE LUNCHES YOU LIKE THE MOST!!! Please click on the appropriate link above and scroll down to find the menu for your school! We will change the menu after holiday break to reflect any changes in student preferences. JUST ANOTHER WAY FOR US TO SHOW YOU WE ARE LISTENING AND THAT YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF THE FOOD YOU WANT TO EAT DAILY! Questions or Comments? Email Joe Shamy at or call the "Let Joe Know" hotline at 419-824-8511.

please watch this important video concerning school meals!


School Lunch Information

Online Payment System and Student Meal Charges IMPORTANT! The new online payment system is set up as a service to help parents and their students. But please remember that it is a pre-pay system; not a revolving charge. We ask that parents have a conversation with their students regarding school lunches and the parameters for daily purchases. Parents need to keep balances ahead of the charges however we will, when necessary, allow students to "charge" a full meal to the account rather than have them go hungry. PLEASE NOTE: OUR LUNCH SYSTEM WILL NOT ALLOW STUDENTS TO CHARGE ANY ALA CARTE FOOD ITEMS IF THEY HAVE A NEGATIVE ACCOUNT BALANCE!  See more...


TEMPORARY STATUS FOR FREE AND REDUCED MEALS WILL EXPIRE ON SEPTEMBER 27TH, 2017. YOU MUST FILL OUT AND SUBMIT THIS YEAR'S FORM AFTER JULY 1ST, 2017 BUT BEFORE THIS DATE TO BE CONSIDERED FOR CONTINUING BENEFITS. Filling out the application online is the quickest and easiest way to turn in the application. Please fill out the online free and reduced application by clicking on the link below if you need assistance.

Parents/Guardians must apply every school year in order to qualify for the free and reduced meal program. If your school lunches were free or reduced last year, you will begin this school year with the same temporary status.  Please fill out a new application in order for your child to qualify for the 2017-2018 school year. (see the application link below)


This link will provide the nutritional content of most of our food items. We will update this list as we add new products. Please let us know if we are missing any products by emailing and we will update the file.

Please note: 

Currently, our choices for gluten free lunch items include fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy, beans/legumes and fruit sidekicks.



Free and Reduced Meal Information

     -  Frequently asked questions   (click here)
     -  2017/2018 Free and Reduced Program Public Release (click here)
     -  On-Line Free and Reduced Meal Application (click here for application)


2017/2018 Food Service Welcome Letter  (click here)

Online Lunch Purchases
You can now pay and track your child's lunch purchases online through It's quick, simple and easy to use. Click here for more information or click on the logo below to begin using the online system.

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Peanut Allergy Information 
At Sylvania Schools, we do not serve foods that contain peanuts as an ingredient. If your student has a severe nut allergy, please use caution when selecting menu components. If you choose to avoid foods at home such as cereals, breads, or other grain based products due to possible cross contamination by producers, be aware that we also serve those products in our schools. Our fresh salads, fruits, vegetables, milks/juices, and protein items will be safe for our students allergic to nuts or tree nut products. Protecting students is our number one priority.

If you have any questions, would like to contact a manufacturer with questions or need clarification please email or call Joe at 419-824-8511.
National School Lunch Program Meal Pattern
The link below contains detailed information on the NSLP meal pattern and Ohio Senate Bill 210 School Beverage Restrictions. Copies of the district's annual report to the ODE on its compliance with ORC 3313.814 is available to the public upon request.
     - National School Lunch Program Meal Pattern and Beverage Restrictions