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Posted on Aug. 17, 2016

Busses are rolling, hallways are buzzing with excitement, and our students are finding their seats in classrooms across Sylvania. We are poised for another wonderful school year and will be working diligently to ensure the success of each of our students!

25th Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame

Posted on Mar. 28, 2016

The Sylvania Schools Academic Excellence Foundation held its Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame program, commemorating their 25th Anniversary with an Induction Dinner last Friday night at the Sylvania Country Club. The event is always meaningful and proved to be so again during an evening filled with inspirational stories which focused on giving back to the community. Honorees (Olivia Shay Byrne, Brenda Wright, Eric Brown & Ramy Eidi), including the 2016 Legacy Award winner (Alix Greenblatt), Teacher of the Year (Gail Masse) along with students (Frances Mok, Emily & Parker Stephens) concentrated their energies on the following:

  • Advocating for special needs students
  • Championing the voting rights of individuals
  • Mentoring students
  • The establishment of a medical care center oversees
  • Leading multiple local organizations for the betterment of the district and the community
  • Training assistance dogs

The points listed above are a small sampling of what all of these individuals have accomplished with the help and support of their teachers, colleagues and the community. We should all be proud of how Sylvania Schools is a place where students can learn about themselves, discover their passions, and give back to society in profound ways.  



Community Offerings

Posted on Feb. 08, 2016

Sylvania Schools has much to offer the residents of our community. A prime example of this would be the Cosmetology program at Northview High School (NV). I had the meaningful experience of getting my hair cut this week by student Brooke Weiner. As I was talking with Brooke and her teacher Chris Jude, I learned about the many regular Sylvania community members who have been coming to get their hair done for years. I had a moment of deep understanding when I learned that a few of the “regulars” have been coming to the Northview Cosmetology program for over 30 years. The reason so many people, from the community, keep coming back to the program is due to the type of high quality students in the program and the leadership of teachers like Chris Jude.    

In a very profound way, the Northview Cosmetology program illustrates the strong ties Sylvania Schools has with the broader Sylvania community.



Kindergarten Parent Information Nights

Posted on Feb. 01, 2016

Grins from ear to ear, excitement & laughter, wide-eyed wonderment coupled with the gathering of pint sized children signals the beginning of an educational journey for future Sylvania students. Kindergarten Information Night has started this week at Central Trail, Highland and Hill View concluding next week with Maplewood, Stranahan, Sylvan and Whiteford.

Talking with the families and our future kindergarteners underscored for me the significance of what these parents are entrusting to us over the next thirteen years with their children. The role we perform as teachers, support staff and administrators in fostering a desire for learning amongst not only our future students, but for all of our students is unparalleled.

As I watched the anticipation and enthusiasm as these little boys and girls meet their teachers and administrators for the first time, I knew the trust placed in us is well deserved.  The positive interactions were carried over from these individual conversations to parents and kids alike as the teachers then spoke to the entire group about what to expect next year. I know the teachers were just as reassuring for the parents.

Events like this fill me with the faith and the confidence that we will continue to earn the trust given to all of us by these families for their children.

Career Expo & Luncheon

Posted on Jan. 25, 2016

I started working in the Sylvania Schools at Northview High School 18 years ago. During this time period much has changed in the field of education and subsequently in the district. As educators we have all had to adapt to the prevailing winds from Columbus, the economy and societal changes in order to meet the needs of our students. Career & Technical Education (CTE) is a prime example, amongst many, of this point.



I had the opportunity to attend the first of two Career Expo and Open Houses (CTE) last Wednesday at Northview. The second Career Expo and Open House will be this Thursday January 28th at Southview. I have always felt that Career & Technical Education played an important part in the education of our students. As I reflect upon my experience from last Wednesday, it dawned on me that Career and Technical Education, with all of the changes, now performs a more vital role in educating Sylvania students. One intelligent and well-spoken student stated to me, “Our course work is challenging, people don’t understand how hard we work.”  In talking with other students and teachers,

I knew I had to communicate to a broader audience the virtues of a Career & Technical Education:  

  • The teacher-student relationship is unique as teachers are with students for extended periods of time/years
  • Students are actively engaged in project based learning
  • CTE teachers and programs are open to all students and often help students succeed and reach graduation
  • S.T.E.M. is an educational focus of the program
  • CTE program expectations are high for all students

 If you are available, stop in at the next Career Expo and Open House on January 28 at Southview. You will be astonished.